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A true Success!
"Women in Leadership-Networking Toronto"
Event Hosted by Ellevate -Ocotber 27, 2016
Ellevate Leadership Team and Board Member -Nicole Normand

Panelist included;
Kristy Wallace – President Ellevate Network;
Michael Bach – Founder and CEO, Canadian Center for Diversity and Inclusion; 
Daniella Dimitrov, Mining Executive and Corporate Director;
Sylvia Apostolidis – President and Chief Consulting Officer of the Jasmar Group
Sangita Patel – ET Canada
Moderator – Carol Charles CTV News  

On October 27, 2016  the Ellevate-Toronto Chapter, a global professional women's network, hosted a "Women in Leadership -Networking Toronto” event.  The evening was highlighted  by an accomplished panel of men and women for insight, experience and empowerment for women on “Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment and Advancement in the Work Place”.  The event was a true success and held at Corus Entertainment a spectacular location. More than 100 people, (men and women) joined in for an evening of networking opportunity and discussion on what it takes to be a woman in leadership and the next generation of diversity.  - a true success!!!

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"WHAT do they say about you?
7 Steps to Personal Branding
Event sponsored by Ellevate -April 28, 2016
Keynote Speaker -Nicole Normand

On  April 28, 2016 Ellevate a global professional women's network hosted a networking event in Toronto, ON  featuring keynote speaker Nicole Normand and her talk on 7 Steps to Personal Branding.  Nicole captured her audience and emphazied on the importance of having a "Personal Brand" and WHY in today's competetive market it is no longer an option!  - WHAT"S YOUR PERSONAL BRAND?

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..... Nicole Normand, a member of the Ellevate Toronto leadership team, wooed the audience with her 7 Steps to Personal Branding. She stated, Personal branding is your calling card to create and attract opportunities for yourself. There are so many people talking about building your personal brand, but few know how to do it very well. Nicole mentioned a Jeff Bezos quote, which was food for thought, Your brand is what other people say about you when you are not in the room. more