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Monthly Theme -"The Inner Games We Play"

10 minutes Can Change Your Life! - I love my morning Boost-Try it!

  •  Start by sitting quietly, close your eyes and take five deep belly breaths. Breathe in through your nose and out through the mouth.  After the 5 big breaths, just breathe through the nose.
  • Begin by choosing your thoughts- Reflect on your many blessings; things you are most grateful for or anything that resonates warmth inside your heart. e.g (Giving thanks for this quiet time, your family, the sunrise, your health, your home, your friends, the air, the flowers you planted, the work you did...) This exercise helps you become aware and helps you focus on the good to create more positive things in your life. Positive attracts and creates even more positive.

  • Now choose an intention that will set your mode for this NEW DAY. You can start with small or bigger intentions -You decide what you want. You may want to answer questions such as "How do I want to feel today?" or  "How do you I want to show up?"  or perhaps it's setting the intentions to be " Today I will make someone smile" or "Today I will be more patient when driving" or perhaps "Today I will show an act of kindness", "Today I will give a heartfelt compliment" or "Today I will be more of an active listener" …YOU decide.
  • Regardless of the intention you choose, this simple yet so powerful morning ritual, will help you develop awareness, bring attention to and help you realize that YOU get to choose how you want feel each and every new day! How exciting is that! 


By setting an intention you will become mindful,  it will help you do what feels good to YOU and it will attract a whole lot more positive into your life! 

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