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Do You Want to Be a Film Director?

Monthly Theme -"The Inner Games We Play"

A film director is someone who is in charge of making sure that every component of a movie runs smoothly from its conception stage to its delivery stage. They have a say in how the scenes unfold, what props are used, how the characters should look like, and who plays specific parts.
Guess what-This is no different than in real life.
YOU are the film director of Your Life!
 When trying to define your dream or next big CAREER goal on WHO, WHEN, WHERE or WHAT you will do or become..
What is the FIRST story that pops up into your head? 
Are you thinking – "that's ridiculous I could never do this", or having thoughts such as "that's good for others just not for me" or maybe " I can’t afford this"...
Remarkably, we all have our very own oldies but goodies that we play over and over again, sometimes even long after the movie has ended.
These "Movies" were produced by ourselves, over time, through our lives own perspectives and personal experiences. In many cases,  we choose to play or may still be playing some of our home made "Movies" unconsciously, long after the movie was cut or ended. These "Movies" may in fact be preventing us from becoming who or what we really want to be or achieve. Reframe your limited thoughts by saying, I can, I am or I am in the process of…..Otherwise these "movies" will build your unconscious minds to give you exactly what you choose to believe. 
Thoughts become things, and this is great news as this means- by changing your movie, you can change your outcome!
Which film are YOU NOW Directing?
Cameras... Rolling...ACTION! 

 The mind is extremely powerful;
Recognize it and be wary of our limited beliefs, blockages or blind spots. We must learn to reframe these “movies” into progressive statements.
When we Believe, we Achieve and Become!

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