Career Coaching


Target Audience: Designed for aspiring managers or leaders who want to develop their effectiveness, make greater impact and influence.

Duration: Six (6) months program,  includes six (6) sessions of one (1) hour each/month.  

This Program can be completed within 3 months dpeneding on needs and requirements.

Program Outline
This program provides a powerful assessment tool that clarifies and heightens Leadership effectiveness. Learn to connect patterns of action with habits of thought. A breakthrough profile and coaching that puts leaders in touch with what is working, what is not and why! This program increases the inner awareness which translates into a productive or unproductive style of leadership. It helps drive ground breaking change at a much higher level and sustainable pace. Learn to fulfill your full potential, draw out and enhance your unique skills and attributes. Go ahead and UP YOUR GAME and ignite your SUCCESS, satisfaction, confidence, leadership skills and performance!
Complete Leadership Circle ProfileTM (LCP) 
Reveal your leader operating system;
Connect your competencies with underlying motivating habits and thoughts;
Identify your opportunities for development.

Learn and Evaluate Results
Review results; understand connection with competencies, habits of thoughts and behavior;
Examine how your two primary leadership domains operate;
Creative tendencies and reactive tendencies.

Design Personalized Plan
Identify key opportunities for development;
Develop a personalized plan for growth, progress and success.

Participate in External MASTERMIND MENTORING
Engage with other leaders to practice, grow and reach new heights of achievement and learnings;
Participate in 2 monthly round table challenge sessions to learn and grow;
Receive one hot seat session to get further support towards achievement of your specific goals.

Program Pricing: $4897.00 CDN (plus applicable taxes) 
* Payment schedule and options available upon request


Keep setting goals, keep achieving success, be kind, and make fun happen every single day.