Build your Personal Brand


Build Your Personal Brand

Target Audience: Designed for aspiring Leaders or professionals looking to make changes

Duration: Six (6) months program,  includes six (6) sessions of one (1) hour each per/month 

Option: Fast track Program completion within 3 months, sessions and payment structure adjusted accordingly

Build Your Personal Brand
(Program Outline)
This coaching program is the first step and most impactful for you and your career! Develop and build your Personal Brand, it is no longer an option,  it does matter!  It is your reputation and calling card. Increase visibility and attract and create new opportunities that are right for you. The Personal Brand experience is an opportunity to learn more about yourself and how to effectively communicate  who you are to your current employer, potential employers, clients, organizations, employees, etc.. Identify your unique skills, strengths, and talents. Tap into your values, passions and vision to find your purpose. These areas form the foundation of your personal brand; achieve greater professional and personal satisfaction, chart a course for your career and position yourself for SUCCESS! Learn how to articulate your personal brand with clarity and connect with leadership brand.

Kick off Meeting
  • Discovery session to determine starting point;
  • Review program, timelines, commitments, check points to ensure progress ;
  • Identify your personal challenges and goal setting.
Self-Awareness Assessment
  • Learn to activate a new approach and new way of thinking.
Personal Strength Evaluation
  • Uncover and define the unique skills that will make you stand out.
Build Your Personal Brand Module  most impactful, it will change your life;
  • Soar and leverage your strengths, minimize weaknesses and tap into your passion and values
     to build your personal brand;
Understand effective methods used to promoting and leveraging your brand;
  • Learn branding tips to attract and create the right opportunities for YOU!
Integrate Personal and Leadership Brand
  • Learn the blind spots and behaviors that might be impeding on your success;
  • Identify how your brand can reach people in three (3) ways;
  • Get clear how your contribution integrates with your companys goals;
  • Develop and execute strategic initiatives aligned with your goals;
  • Track your plan and focus to ensure success.
Develop Elevator Pitch (optional not included)
  • Understand the power of nonverbal and verbal communication;
  • Craft your personal elevator pitch that integrates your personal brand;
  • Find your personalized hook or how to leave impression;
  • Learn to communicate your brand effectively and have an in demand brand.

Program Pricing: $3950.00 CDN plus applicable taxes
*Payment schedule and options available Only Upon Credit Approval By Innovative Coaching Services 

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