Are You Rolling The Dice?

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Monthly Theme -"The Inner Games We Play"

Are you rolling with the Dice of Life?
So often we hear people say they "feel like" they stopped living 20-25 years ago...why is that? Well it's simple to BE and to feel ALIVE you need to challenge yourself and your mind every day! You need to constantly grow.

Everything, absolutely everything starts in the mind…which is why visualization is such a powerful tool. 
Go ahead and set A VISION of who you want to be and where you want to go then hang on to it with all your mind. In order to be successful you need to have a clear vision, take action, be tenacious, consistent and never, never, give up.
Along the way you will face challenges, perhaps some frustrations and possible setbacks, and that's ok because we all face them. Just remember however, with challenge there comes growth, victory and Success! Every small step you take TODAY is one step closer to who, how and where you are going.  Challenge yourself,  and when you hit a speed bump remind yourself you are not alone. Get back up and keep going-Just show up! Remember age, circumstances, time etc.. are nothing but excuses.
We are what we do-repeatedly! Start today, be in the NOW and leave behind the "can’t" or "I will tomorrow" as they are only holding you back. 
NOW ask yourself...What is MY VISION ?
 START TODAY so that all your tomorrows can be about your many achievements and successes and
YOU saying "I did it!" Show up, keep your vision alive and real.  

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