What will YOUR LIFE look like in one year from now?

Bring Clarity & Focus to
your Dreams, Desires & Goals!


Nicole Normand
Keynote Speaker and Facilitator
SUNDAY February 25, 2018 

LOCATION:  2261 Lakeshore Blvd. West
Toronto, Ontario (Malibu Club)

Join Nicole for an inspiring half day workshop. This powerful experience will allow you to connect emotionally to your goals and the process in reaching them.  Emotions are the glue that connects us to what’s most important in our lives.
Get inspired, gain clarity & activate your goals to make 
2018 your BEST YEAR yet!

Visualization techniques and vision board creation. Tools and materials will be provided for vision board.
Coffee and refreshments will be served.

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Personal Branding

Another year behind us and the start of a NEW YEAR... 
a time when we all reflect back on our lives and look towards our future;

What did I resolve or achieve in 2017?
What are my goals, my dreams and my intentions for 2018?
What do I want to work on?  How do I feel?  

No matter what you’re wishing for; Goal Setting is essential and important. It helps gain clarity BUT... GUESS WHAT?
 Goal setting is simply not enough and it's time to reframe your mindset!

So much more than a few pictures slapped onto a board... Studies show that creating a vision board is proven to be a powerful visualizational tool. The purpose of creating your vision board is to bring everything on it to life, a way to
gain clarity and activate your dreams and goals.

Make 2018 an amazing year, set your intentions for what you want and how you want to feel. Who do you want to be? What do you want to do and achieve? Where do you want to focus?

This year, resolve to make yourself and your world better! 
Give yourself a stress-free half day and come tap into your true power. Start creating the life you really want. Discover how and create  your board. This workshop is so much fun and will activate all aspects of your life! 

If you already have a board HOORAY you know the power of them but maybe its time to create a new one since you probably have achieved most of whats up on it now...     



 Successful habits, open mindset and visualization is key to reaching 
your goals, happiness and success!

When: Sunday, February 25th,  2018 
Time: 1:00pm -5:00pm 
Where:  Malibu Club at Marina Del Rey, 2261 Lakeshore Blvd. West, Toronto, ON

                                                                              (Enjoy waterfront view)
What to expect:
  • Discover how to build winning habits and mindset- reframe and start living in abundance.
  • Learn new techniques to goal setting – get laser sharp on what you will achieve in 2018.
  • Play with power of creative visualization - learn 5 steps to manifesting your dreams and goals.
  • Create your OWN personalized "Vision Board" - activate your creative consciousness.
  • Set things in motion; learn how to attract the things and the life you want.
What to Bring:
  • A photo of YOU taken in a happy moment
  • Your goals, dreams & your smile
  • ​Two magazines to share when cutting images
  • Dress Code: relaxed & comfortable

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